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CS 80 MAGNEO üstün kullanım rahatlığı ve eşsiz operasyonel davranışıyla otomatik kayar kapıları karakterize eder. Kapı manyetik olarak kontrol edildiği için oldukça sessiz çalışır. Ayrıca, çalıştırma yöntemleri ile kullanıcı için benzersiz bir seviyede güvenlik sağlar.

CS 80 MAGNEO'nun çift kanatlı versiyonu üç standart boyutta kullanılabilir; 1500 mm ve 2250 mm arasında değişen geçiş genişliğine sahiptir. 

  • 62/75 mm yükseklik, 63 mm derinlik
  • Özellikle geçiş açıklıklar için uygun
  • Max. 80 kg kapı panel ağırlığı (her kapı paneli için)
  • Kolay montaj ve devreye alma
  • Konforlu ve engelsiz geçiş
  • Ayarlanabilen hızda ve sürede açılma


Kapı Özellikleri

The CS 80 MAGNEO automatic sliding door operator was primarily designed for doors in private homes. However, the magnetic operator is also ideal for public areas such as retirement homes or hospitals where barrier-free construction is required. With a maximum door leaf weight of 80kg, double leaf systems can be equipped with glass, wood and metal leaves. The operator is available in the double-leaf version in 3 standard lengths for opening widths from 1500mm to 2250mm.

Güvenlik ve Koruma

The CS 80 MAGNEO has a so-called "SoftMotion" safety in low-energy operation. Even a light touch on the door stops it and moves it back again. This is an essential safety aspect, especially for people with movement restrictions. 

The optional locking function protects rooms from unauthorized access. It is installed invisibly under the cover.

Konfor ve Tasarım

The operating options of the CS 80 MAGNEO are as simple as they are versatile. A button or motion detector controls the drive and the door opens or closes automatically. The Push&Go function causes the door to open by gently pushing the door leaf. In the event of a power failure the can be opened and closed manually. 

In addition to aluminium surfaces, the CS 80 MAGNEO also offers a stainless steel-look surface: dormakaba matt stainless-steel design.

Kullanım Alanları

Between living and dining room, bedroom and bathroom or kitchen and dining room the CS 80 MAGNEO offers living comfort with function. The CS 80 MAGNEO is also used in doors in representative doctors' and lawyers' practices or offices. The optional locking function protects rooms from unauthorized access.

Hygiene is an important aspect of contactless door opening. With the CS 80 MAGNEO, there is no need for a handle any more to enter or leave a room.


  • Silent operation making the unit ideal for home or office environments
  • Exceptional safety lending itself to use in the home
  • Sleek contur 62mm/75mm operator height for minimum visual interuption
  • Anodised or stainless finsihes to suit
  • "In-wall" or "on-wall" mounting options for flexible design
  • Optional activation via "push and go" or wireless and battery free push pads for ease of access
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